My GSoC 2021 Final Code Submission

Aditya R Rudra
2 min readAug 23, 2021


So finally after a great summer, I’ve managed to complete my objectives which I first laid down while participating in Google Summer of Code 2021.

I was selected to work on BrainBox project with INCF in GSoC 2021 under my brilliant mentors Roberto Toro and Katja Heuer. And I’ve managed to reach the last week of the program contributing code weekly and building connections in the Open Source Community.

Overall, this has been a great experience and I’d love to participate again in GSoC next summer, either as a student or a mentor.

I’d like to describe the nature of my work and the contributed code.

My project was based on testing and DevOps. The initial plan was to implement the CI/CD pipeline and extend the scope of the test suite and coverage.

We have successfully accomplished our goal of increasing the test coverage. The initial coverage was something around 16% and we have managed to take it to 54% as of now, and we plan to continue working on it after the project is over.

Old Coverage:

Latest Coverage:

Further, the CI pipeline is already there on Github which runs the unit and integration tests on every commit, so as to ensure that the code being integrated is free of potential risks. The project also consisted of implementing a CD pipeline but it couldn’t be completed because of the time constraints but we plan to continue working after this program and we’d try to enhance it as much as possible.

A link to all my Pull Requests is attached below for a better representation of my work:

For a better representation of the code and its usefulness, please head over to the following github gist for more information:

This concludes a beautiful and an enriching experience for me, which has taught me a lot of things about the world of Open Source. I’d continue contributing to Open Source and work with my mentors on the corresponding projects….