GSoC 2021 Week 1: Coding Period begins…

Aditya R Rudra
2 min readJun 10, 2021


My coding journey with International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) in this year’s Google Summer of Code begun on 17th May.

As the community bonding period comes to an end, I would like to reflect upon my interactions with INCF community and the BrainBox team. It began with a warm reception from my mentors who have been very supportive in helping me propose a working plan for the project this summer. All the students were addressed by the INCF GSoC head and welcomed onboard for this summer’s engagement.

As the coding period approached, I discussed my working plan for the first three weeks with my mentors Roberto Toro and Katja Heuer(NeuroAnatomy) and agreed on the deliverables.

The coding period begun on 7th June this week and I had a clear vision of the code to be delivered and merged this week. I had a good discussion with the mentors about the work to be done and the guidelines to be followed during the coding.

The deliverables for this week have been achieved and they are as follows:

  1. I started by integrating Istanbul Code Coverage Utility into the Brainbox repository. I examined Istanbul and decided to use the command line utility to have a systematic view of the code coverage of the repository. The PR was reviewed and subsequently merged by the mentors.
  2. I had a discussion with my mentors earlier during the proposal period about the linting rules to be followed while coding. I quickly laid down those rules using ES Lint and made the changes to all the files so as to maintain the code style in the repository. The PR was reviewed and subsequently merged by the mentors.

The links of the Pull Requests have been attached below:

This concluded a great first week of the coding period.

The plan for the next week is to start working on the test suite and complete writing tests for atleast one module while also properly documenting the code added.

The learning experience has been immense and I hope to add much more value to my repertoire during the summer.